Monday, July 12, 2010

Bugs Me Monday

Just under the wire. By the hair of, well not my chiny chin chin, but someone’s.

* Okay. Yeah. The heat.

* Brain fog.

* The kitten has decided that it wants fresh meat. I am covered in kitten wounds. She even bit my face. I am wondering if the kitten thing was a bad idea. Is she going to be like DragonWyck? She also won’t let me pet her. She’s constantly biting me too. I don’t really need another cat that does that.

* My Saturday night pity party. Number of guests? 1.  Was missing feeling well. Was missing how I felt before the heart problems. Was missing how things used to be. Was missing everybody. Just feeling a little, blah.

* My muscles ache, my bones hurt, and I’m tired. Not sleepy mind you. Tired. The kind of tired no amount of sleep or rest will make go away. Again. Blah.

* And wouldn’t you know it. Today I find out I’m acidic. My bicarbonate levels are low. Well what the hell?  Of course this will be taken care of on the machine, but still…

* Bugs bugs bugs.

Actually. I think that might be it. I guess it wasn’t that bad of a week after all. At least the Earth didn’t eat my car. That’s a bad day.

Was your week better or worse than you thought it would be?


That’s enough from this dreary barrel.


  1. zomg! I hadn't heard of the sinkhole yet- I have friends who live near there, time to call them up!

    Last week was significantly worse than I anticipated. Hopefully now that most of that ick is out of the way this week will be milder (I hope I hope).

    Tricks for beating the heat: cool showers, baby powder, a bag of frozen peas on the back of my neck (except for when it triggers migraines, of course), soaking my feet in cool water. If I think of others I'lls end them- hang in there!

  2. I know you don't know me, but just had to jump in here.

    I was on vacation plans to the beach fell flat, ended up organizing the house I just moved into, then helping my friend move, I hate moving, took my college placement test and failed the math part miserably, my daughter is fighting with her boyfriend so is crashing at my house, and I seem to have acquired a stray dog I don't need or have time for, but he is here.

    Back to work tomorrow, I'd rather take a beating.

  3. Elisabeth- thanks for stopping by. And for all your wonderful advice. I hadn't thought of the peas before. I'll be picking up a bag when we go shopping:)

    Green Eyes- Thank you also for visiting. Wow! That's quite the week.
    I hope you both have a better one coming up!

    Thanks again for reading. :)


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