Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bugs Me Monday (On A Tuesday)


*The humidity and high dew points are back. It’s going to be bad. And I had thought I just had to get through till Wednesday and it would be better. But the weather folks have it being unpleasant for the whole week. Uggg.

* The neighbors and their DJ sound system from hell. It was unbelievably loud. We couldn’t hear the TV. We’re four houses away. It was like a block party, but only they were invited.  This is the fourth time and they only moved in two months ago. And. The crappiest wedding reception playlist. Really.

* Mr. G’s ankle is swollen big time. And he didn’t hurt it that he knows of. I already told him we should go to the ER, but he won’t. So I said if it’s worse or not better in a day or two we go. No if's ands or buts about it.

* Neopetters: Well, the Cup is done. While I am glad, I am a little sad. It’s like when the Olympics end. You feel burned out on it, but it leaves a little empty space.
I managed Rank 8. But I did better in the side games than last year. I hope this will give me a few more prize points.

Last Year: YB- 500, MSN-3, SS-1, SO-50
This Year: YB- 501, MSN-20, SS-50, SO-110

The team made it to ( I believe) 5th place. About 3 spots better than last year.

Overall, I feel okay about it.

That’s about it. It wasn’t a bad week really. Which doesn’t give me a lot to bitch about.

Yay me :)

And that’s that from this barrel. I know you all have something to be grumpy about. Let’s hear it :)

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