Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Morning Coffee

Today’s post is also from the Toasted Cheese site:
WP: Coffee grounds scattered across the front porch.

The Morning Coffee

Well fuck. This is going to leave quite the mark.

She lay there.

Her plans for a sophisticated breakfast on the patio, done. Over. Just not going to happen. Not this morning.
She rolled over on her back. Slowly. Gaining her bearings, her eyes focused on the sky above.

A pretty blue sky. A few clouds.
And it was warm too. A beautiful morning for outside coffee and muffins.
Which now lay scattered all around.

The new kitten, or the Bringer of Doom as he will be called from today on, was eating those muffins.

She sat up and crossed her legs.
Now she could see all the damage.

The brand new glass coffee press, well, not new anymore. Not glass either.
The coffee itself had soaked into the wooden porch by now, leaving the grounds scattered in abstract brown patterns every which way.
The plastic bowl was over turned without a muffin left inside.

She stood up. Slowly. And went into the house.
She returned with the broom and started the cleanup.
Once it was all cleared, she brushed the little lump on her forehead.
There was always lunch.

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