Friday, June 25, 2010

Love Me Friday

Really! On a Friday! I know! Everyone okay? Breathe.

* Well to start, it warmed up. It feels like summer. Hot, humid, stuffy, rainy, sunny, and that was just yesterday.

* Pepperoni had her first shots yesterday. She squealed and jumped when they gave her the first one. But was fine for the second. Then came the worm pill. Which she spat out. But not immediately. She drooled for a bit first. Then they gave it to her again, but with some water to help it go down. But not without a performance. She was imitating a child’s science faire volcano. Yup. Foam and drool bubbling up all over the place. I think the pill just dissolved rather than actually being swallowed. And we get to do it all again in two weeks. Oh the JOY!

* Had the appointment with the cardiologist. We decided to go back on the med we had taken me off of months ago. It’s a harsh one, lots and lots of side effects and interactions, but I did well on it and I needed to be back on it. Hopefully I will start feeling better again.

* Which brings me to this…I just adore my team. The doctors and nurses, the social worker and dietician are all wonderful. I am incredibly lucky. It took a long time to get this far. but finally, YAY!

* I have Crazy Heart and Where The Wild Thing Are for the weekend.

* Later today The Queen and I will be heading to the grocery store. I am not entirely sure of what to buy, but I am sure it will include macaroni salad and cold cuts, fresh rolls and ice cream.

* After all of that we may just hit The NACC for their Beyond The Barrel opening. It all depends on how much energy is left. I hope enough. I mean come on, Into A Barrel at Beyond the Barrel…I don’t think I need to say more.

* My friend will be accepting an award for media tonight. I wish him all the best! CONGRATULATIONS Mike!

* I found a USB light for the laptop at…THE DOLLAR TREE! Yes! For a dollar I can now type without having to turn on three lights to see. A Dollar. One buckaroo. Uno.

*And RedRageous Mike n Ike’s. Yummm…for a dollah. The Dollar Tree does bring the happy.

That is the joy from this barrel. What’s making you happy this week?

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