Friday, June 4, 2010

Love Me Friday

It’s been a mellow week, but there are some bright spots…

* It’s been hot and humid. I know. But after last summer’s chilly, rainy unhappy this is so nice! Even if it was hard to sleep. I’m still counting it as a plus :)

* Little Pepperoni is getting bigger every day! She is beyond adorable. Maybe not so much when she is chewing on my ankles. But I’ll forgive her for now.

* Went to the library and then walked over to the grocery store. My longest walk so far. And I was carrying books. I am awesome :)

* Saturday is the Greek Festival! Look out feta here we come!

* Left at my dry weight on Wednesday. Hoping we do the same today :)

* Wednesday night I cleaned up. Including washing the floors and vacuuming. That let me sleep in yesterday. It was much needed and enjoyed.

* With all the warmth and humidity I’ve been craving my favorite summery movies, Jaws, The Flamingo Kid, Shag, And Shaun of the Dead. So far a couple have been on the movie channels. Lucky me.

* For the Neopetters: The Cup started a week ago. It took me a couple of days to get into it, but I’m almost to Rank 5.  I may get to ten as I hope :)


So there you have the joy from the barrel. I hope you all had some joy this week :)

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