Saturday, June 12, 2010

Love Me Friday on a Saturday

* It’s getting warm again. It was freezing all week. I actually wore a jacket to the grocery store. And Mr. G turned the heat on one night to get the chill out. I mean really. It’s June! So when they said 80 for Sat. and Sun, well, that makes me a happy girl.

* The kitten is still beyond adorable. These are also on FB, but if you don’t have that here they are :)






* BarbieGirl, The Queen and I went up to the Buffalo Hellenic Festival on Saturday. Great time! Bought wonderful food, looked around, shopped, watched the incredible dancers. I took some pictures and some video, but when I read all the legal stuff for uploading them I’m not sure if I can. It would seem like I should be able to since it was in a public place. But I don’t know any of them personally so they say I can’t. Anyone know the laws on that sort of thing?

* I’m thinking of having a separate blog for doing writing prompts and such things. I know there is absolutely no reason not to have those things on this one, but I think I want to play around with the new template designer Blogger has out now :) Okay. That is probably the main reason :) And I won’t have to work it with the barrel theme so I can go as basic or wonky as I want. I just want to play with it :) hehehe.

* For the Neopetters: It’s the half way mark for the cup. I am at Rank 6 and my team is at 5th place. Awesome first half!

So there’s my happy from the barrel for this week. Hope you all had a good one too :)

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  1. Congratulations on doing so well already on The Cup! I hope that your team finishes in second place. :P

    If you make a separate blog, make sure to get me the link to the other. Writing prompts? I love writing prompts!

    Your kitten is adorable and wild looking! The picture of him lying across the keyboard makes him look like a worn out stuffed animal. ^_^


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