Saturday, June 26, 2010

The First of Dawn

Here is a prompt from the 16 and 17th that I had in my book and finally put up here. Yeah.

It's from the Toasted Cheese and i combined both days, because i wanted to.

This was them:

WP: The first stray greeks of dawn.
WP: The first gray streaks of dawn.

I loved the whole stray greeks.

Here is the prompt:

The First of Dawn

It was still the gray light of dawn when he flipped over the OPEN sign on the door.
The little tourist store was now ready for business.
Shot glasses and back scratchers waited in their box displays for the hands of the many.

With a damp cloth he wiped the large window over looking the street. He watched as the first bus pulled up. He took a deep breathe as the first group stepped off that same bus.

And we're off.

It was an elderly group.

All but one couple wandered around the store picking at this and that.

It was that one couple that quietly snook away and walked across the street.

They looked at the old building in front of them, taking pictures and making wild hand gestures as if to say "Look at that trim." or "Do you see, do you see the detail?"

Then the bus driver started to round up the lot.

Standing at the curb he called to the couple, "Castellanos! Mr. and Mrs. Castellanos! It's time to go! Hurry up now! You know you shouldn't stray from the group. Here we go." He helped the couple on board, then with a quick jump was up in his own seat and with an airy swish the doors closed.

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