Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Day for Walter

This is for I Had the Write Idea's writing prompt.#200.

A Day for Walter

The grass, still wet from the rain, felt cool as it brushed his ankles.
Walter climbed up a few more yards to rest on a rock, dry from the bright sun.
He looked out over the horizon, where there was a slight haze that hung over the little town beneath in the distance.
This was the first break in the greyness that had lasted for nearly two months.
And Walter was glad for it.

He closed his eyes and took a sweet deep breath. The air warm on his forehead and cheeks.
He took another breath, his chest expanding with the it. Slowly he exhaled and opened his eyes.
The sun wasn't yet over head.

There was still plenty of time for him to go farther. He missed being out here. Nature always called to him. It was here that he felt at one with the universe.

With one swift movement he pulled off his backpack and removed the water bottle from the mesh pocket on the side.
His thoughts wandered from one thing to another. Work, (aggravating as usual), friends ( working over-time this weekend), family ( busy with their own jobs and friends).
Marie had reminded him once again that his daughter's school play was tomorrow night.
He had reminded her that he had to go to the boss's for dinner.

Have to keep him happy.

Work has been a trigger point the last few weeks. And even though they both knew it was temporary, it was finally adding to the everyday stresses.

But today he had for himself.

As he took a long pull on the bottle there was a loud crash that startled and rose him a full two feet into the air.

There stood an enormous buck.

Walter had never seen one close up. The sheer size of it took his mind a minute to process. He watched it, mesmerized by it's appearance.

It was magnificent.

The brown red coat seemed to simmer in the sun. A warm heat rising up to meet the air surrounding it. It's antlers stretched on forever in a twisted patten of power.
It's eyes, dark, looked past Walter as if he was non existent.

Then just as unexpectedly the animal turned and crashed through the space it had emerged from.

And with one swift movement Walter pulled out his phone

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