Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bugs Me Monday

Well. Let’s just get started.

* G is working my last. I need a vacation.
* I am so distracted all day long I can’t have a single thought.
* Because of that I haven’t been writing anything. I have prompts in a notebook I need to put up, I have a letter to write, I have posts I should have done.
* Yeah. No reading either.
* I am tired all the time. And feel all congestive hearty. Yuck. I do feel better after dialysis though. So that is actually a yay.
* And achy. The humidity is working on me like a little old lady. And I'm hobbling like one too.
* Someone has given Pepperoni people food. Now she is very gassy and wants to sleep on me. Oh the fun.
* I hate hate hate that this apartment doesn't have a dryer and I have to plan out what I need washed three days ahead of time so everything will be dry. It’s stupid.
* I wish i could sleep better. I would probably feel better if I had real sleep.
* We are being overrun with Sand Flies and Gnats. Damn bugs.
* I am still beyond behind in my neopets cup game.
* Did I mention I need a vacation? Well I do.

Is that enough grump from this barrel? I think it is :)

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