Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Post of Pictures

These first ones are from the Saturday GrammaShorty and I went out. We ran into Miss M and her buddy. Dancing ensued :)



parttapeople1 beerplus1


This is a Chicken Curry I made from a Food Network recipe. The Queen and I agree it turned out very well. Mr. G wasn’t as thrilled. But I didn’t really expect him to be.

It had chicken, celery, scallions, bell pepper:red, dried cranberries, cashews, curry powder, peach preserves and mayo. I mixed it all together and yummy followed.




Here are some more of the little one. She’s almost twice as big as she was a week ago. And her eyes are getting a slight green cast. Bye bye blue.





And one of Sammy baby :)


These I took today. First is our nice neighbor cutting back the lily leaves so The Queen and I don’t trip trying to get in and out of the house. we gave him beer and we all sat on the porch. It felt so summery.




I decided I needed a little bookmark. Not that I don’t have about a hundred, but they are living in books waiting to be picked up again. Someday. So I just made a little corner one from an envelope corner :)

The ribbon and button hang on the outside.



So there it is from the very warm barrel :)

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