Saturday, May 1, 2010

Love Me Friday (on a Saturday)

Shesh. I should just do Love Me Saturdays. I am having a little trouble with this week. Mostly because someone has been playing the guitar at a low volume while I try to watch TV. For five hours now. Breathe. Breathe. Okay. Happy thoughts…

* The Queen and I have been walking for about a week and a half. And yesterday I wasn’t nearly as tired out as I would have been before the walks. Yay!

* The fluid is coming off easier with the daily exercise. I actually left below my dry weight (the weight without extra fluid on) so YAY!

* It has been rather nice out this week. Warmer and sunny. Well, today was warm and rainy, but we sat outside and visited with the neighbor anyway. Sweet.

Well darn. That’s about it today. The Bugs Me Monday is going to be massive.

I hope you all have more for your week :)

Later from the barrel.

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