Friday, May 21, 2010

Love Me Friday: On Friday!

It’s been a long week so far. And we only just finished Thursday.

First of all. I just want to say I feel like yuck. I’ve been short of breathe and there are crackles in my lungs. So I have no doubt this will lead to something fun. I have been leaving heavy from dialysis, so I am hoping on Friday we get the fluid off. But I really don’t feel like dwelling on that until I need to.

Now onto the Love baby…

* Well. If you follow along on my Twitter you no doubt know that as of Sunday we have a new member in the family. It was completely unplanned. But she is welcome all the same. Even if The Smelly Cat song seriously applies to her. Really!  She will be on dry food just as soon as she can!

So without further ado…


Welcome Miss Pepperoni!
She is about 6-7 weeks old.
And only weights half a pound!


She shall also be known as Pepper and Stinky Butt.
And those blue eyes will be changing at some point.
I know.


She has been to the vet and has a clean bill of health.
She does go back in three weeks for her shots.
Then a month after that…you know.


* I remembered to renew my library books before I owed ten dollars in fines. Again. I only owe a buck twenty this time. Pat on mah back :)

* I managed to go out last weekend and part-aaaed! I’m still paying for it, but it was a good time. ( And no. That’s not it. I was starting to feel yuck before that, about Thursday.) Pictures coming up :) Really. Really!

* BarbieGirl was awesome sweet and got me some game tokens for one of the FB games we play :) There are many items and one room I owe to her :) Thank you darlin’.

* I know people hate the comment moderation and all. So for a few weeks I’ll take it off. But if the spam keeps up it’ll have to go back on. I just don’t want anyone clicking some link in the comments and finding something nasty at the other end.

* For the Neopetters out there: The Altador Cup sign-ups have started! Yay!! It is going to be grueling this year. I believe it goes until the end of July. Whew! Last year I made it to Rank 8 with 500 games played. I hope to get to at least 10 this year.


* It’s going to be in the 80’s this week! Could it be? Is summer finally showing up to the party? Oh! I hope so!


I always think of bright sun and clouds for the days that are coming :)

(Image from WeHeartIt)


* I’m still not being sued for 2 million. Whew!


I think that’s a pretty good week so far.

That’s all the love from this barrel…what are you lovin’ this week?

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