Monday, May 10, 2010

Just A Note

I know it took me all day, but Happy Mother’s Day to all!

I’m not entirely sure my own mom would like me posting her whole life on the internet. So I will just say that she is awesome. Strong, intelligent, resourceful, caring, funny, a rock, a joy, the wind beneath my wings.

From schlepping from hospital to hospital, sitting in waiting rooms for about 60% of her life, from helping anyone who needs it ( including myself ) to volunteering and finishing her collage degree. She saw most of her family pass away, including a daughter, ( much to early ).  And she stills gets up everyday to do something. She knits, writes, sews, embroiders, all while dealing with her chronic illness.

She rocks.

Happy day to you Queen. You deserve so much more than just this. But I do love you dearly.




Love from the barrel..

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  1. Well said, your mum is a star. What would we do without them.


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