Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hearts Do Weep

Yesterday was cold. And damp. And sad. As if the weather knew what day it was.

A day for good-byes.

My good friends lost their mother. The day before Mother’s Day.

I agree. WTF?

I always liked their mom. She was a hoot. Wildly fun. An awesome lady with a huge heart.
She was always welcoming and kind. I never doubted she was happy to see me. She just exuded joy and kindness.

At 58 she left behind so many she loved and who loved her. It’s that love that will pull them through this terrible time. it’s that love that will hold the strength they need. She left them a lot of it. An endless pool to draw from. A timeless gift.

For my dear friends I add my love to that pool for them.

Love, hugs, hope to you and your family.





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