Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Bit of This and A Bit of That 17

* The whole fluid, puffy can’t breathe thing has been a nightmare. I left a kilo and a half heavy. Which for a weekend is horrible. And not to mention I came in not that heavy with shortness of breathe and a lovely heart rate of 187. Yes. Before I was even dialyzed. It came down as we took fluid off. It was a nice 128 when I left. After a short nap it straightened it’s self out. But. Luckily, we managed to fit in an extra treatment for Sat. morning. It’s just for fluid removal, it won’t be cleaning the blood, since that was cleaned well today. So yay for fun. I hope this gets a big ass chunk off.

* Mr. G is being stubborn about opening the windows. He thinks all the bugs in the world will come storming into the house if we do open them. Unfortunately, we get full sun in the morning and most of the afternoon. So it’s quite the little heat box. Even with the fans going, it’s just circulating the already hot air. I may have to pay someone or lure them with beer to open them for me.

* I haven’t had a proper sleep in days. Thanks to the above. Just a big old GRRR to that.

* The Buffalo Hellenic Festival is coming up. June 4,5,6. YAY!!!! I can’t wait. We can go on Saturday now so that will let us see the dancers and all the entertainers that aren’t there on Friday. We’re talkin’ souvlaki, and spanakopita. Feta people! Feta!Seriously I am stoked for this :)

* Pepperoni is getting bigger by leaps and bounds. She’s twice as big as she was. She’s also very inpatient, nippy, and cute as a button!


* I picked up some summer nail colors.  So I gave myself a little mani. Cause I rock it like that.



* It’s Memorial weekend. I hope everyone has a great time. And don’t forget to remember all our men and women past and present. And be safe out there :)

That’s it from the barrel…have a fun weekend!

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  1. The last eight weeks or so, I've had a heart rate at just around 100, and I've been bitching and moaning to anyone that will listen. Now, I feel like a total whiny cry baby. I'm so impressed with you. You are incredibly strong. I'm so sorry you've been so sick. It should never happen to someone so wonderful as you (and I say this with no hyperbole).


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