Friday, May 7, 2010

A Bit of This And A Bit of That 16

I decided against doing a Bugs me Monday this week. Mostly because the stuff or someone who was bugging me is still bugging me and I don’t want to rant like a crazy bitch. Yeah. And it would look like that. So here we are. Other stuff :)

* I managed to rearrange my book and CD cases today. Then go to the library. My back hates me, but I feel pretty good about it. The bookcase was sort of stuck behind G’ s chair and I couldn’t get to it very easily. Since most of my CD’s are on the computer…well, it only made sense to switch them around. And I did :) Go me!

* I just finished The Book of Love: Writer’s and Their Love Letters by Cathy N. Davidson. I love books of letters. I always have. And this was especially sweet since it was all writer’s. ( My what a depressed, insecure, alcoholic bunch. Wonderful! ) The language, so passionate. Even the most simple paragraphs just thrown together, just inspiring. Anyone want a letter? I have stationary :) Just let me know or send your address :)

* Tonight on Secondhand Radio they had a special sort of nutty call-in. Seriously. You should go and listen. Episode 92. The guest was fun also. Really. The sound sorta sucked tonight, but still, if you can, you should. And no. I’m not typing this with my mind.

* And could you even imagine a blogger trying to type up a post with their mind?
’type type type ooo shiny type type porn type type how did they type type booze type type food type type how do I spellcheck type type’. That’s If we could muster the concentration to get that far.

* And if Microsoft could indeed control your thoughts it would tell us what? “Steve Jobs eats monkeys.” “Steve Jobs said he hates you. Yes! YOU! But Bill said he thinks of You everyday and smiles.” Of course they could only control you till 2012, so there is that.

* It’s going to be cold and rainy all weekend. But I will be taking The Queen out for dinner on Saturday anyway for Mother’s Day. Whether she likes it or not. Not Sunday. Since it is Mother’s Day and she likes to sit and read her papers and watch her Netflix on Sunday I can’t see making her go out then. So Saturday it is.

* Tomorrow is grocery day. And I should have a Netflix also. So I will once again have food, movies and books to pass away the rainy days. Sweet.

* Wednesday was a bad dialysis day. But we figured out why and today should go much, much better. Since my blood pressure was hitting the 60’s ( top number, mind you) and would not come up for more than 10 minutes, I had to leave early. So yeah. It has to be better. Fingers crossed.

* I am not being sued for 2 million dollars. Whew!


I hope you all have a great or at least not horrible weekend.

And HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the Mom’s out there! Have a great fabulous day!


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That’s all from the barrel.

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