Friday, April 23, 2010

Love Me Friday

I haven’t done a Love Me Friday or even a Bugs Me Monday in weeks. Mostly because I was sick and felt indifferent.

But today, I’m feelin’ some love.

* I am so happy this cold is done. And with minimal pain. Yay!

* I am loving the nice weather. It’s been spring-like and sunny for the last couple of days and it feels great!

* It’s suppose to be warm and rainy tomorrow. Why is that on a Love list? Because I have books, movies, food and kitties to keep me happy all weekend all.

* I was able to muster enough motivation to go to the library this week. I haven’t been there since the winter hit. It felt awesome to roam around and look at the new books.

* The Queen and I started our walks again. I am referring to it as Operation Get Off Your Ass. Or OGOYA. We did 2 days and today was errands day. So more walkin’ tomorrow. Yay me :)

* And over on my Neopets, as the Neopetters know, we have been able to send our game scores 8 times instead of the usual 3 times. First I love that I can make a whole lotta neopoints. Second I love that it’s almost over. LOL! It is tiring playing that many games a day. I think it’s to get us trained for the Altador Cup.

* And finally I love that I managed to finally get the pictures off the camera and on to the computer. One step closer to that picture post.

So there it is from this barrel. What are you lovin’ this week?

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