Monday, April 26, 2010

Bugs Me Monday

Thankfully there isn’t that much bugging me today.

* I can only sleep at dialysis if I stay up until 2AM. If I sleep early, then obviously I don’t need to sleep, but if I sleep later then I’m just edgy and restless. So, I’m up till 2AM.

* One of my movies was terribly disappointing. It’s on it’s way back to Netflix.

* I can’t seem to focus my thoughts. I’m hoping that all this exercise will help. Soon.

* My tummy hurts. Perhaps the cheese puffs and Reese’s Pieces were a bad idea.

* It turned chilly. Or at least at night it’s still on cold side. I am so tired of being cold. I can’t wait until it’s 90 and humid. Do I like it that hot? Nooo. I just want it so far away from cold as it can be without killing human/plant/animal life. I still plan on bitching about the heat when it finally gets here. Just so you know.

* Uggg. Neopets. The monthly game change up. Awful. Awful. Awful. Won’t be playing many of those during the next four weeks.

* Sad about the Sabers. They did us proud. It was a good fight.

* Okay. This is not a bug. It’s a happy. But I am so happy about it. Chrome. Yes Google’s Chrome rocks. IE and Firefox have been giving me nothing but pure grief for months. I don’t know what took me so long to just try it. But I finally did. My God it runs beautifully! I thought it was the Flash games that were the problem. Nope. With Chrome they run wonderfully. Smooth. No freezing, jerking, glitching. And my computers slight resources aren’t wiped out either. I can actually run more than one thing at a time without issues! I want to marry Chrome. I want to cook it dinner, do it’s laundry, give it back rubs and buy it ice cream. And I don’t really like doing any of those things. But I will for you sweet Chrome.

So there you have it from the barrel. What’s making you buggy?



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  1. I have Chrome, but haven't messed with it much. Still using Firefox. And what makes *me* buggy? You better pack a lunch.


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