Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Bit of This and A Bit of That 15

It’s been very nice and mellow around these parts recently.

* We had a brief peek at what summer (I hope) will be. We broke records along with most of the East. It was the most wonderful feeling! to not be chilly, to not have the heat on, to not have to sleep in flannel.

* On the flip side, well, we had the 80’s , thunderstorms, and snow (again) all in six days time. So there was that. Keepin’ us on our toes for sure.

* Easter was mellow. No big dinner, but lots of candy.

* Wednesday was Mr. Gow’s B-day. I won’t say his age (he’s sensitive and private about it), but I will say he looks good for it :) A couple of his buds stopped by and they jammed and ate cake. I think he had a good day.

*Dialysis went well this week. Despite the jelly like almost clots pulled from the leg on Monday. The week before Easter was a long and painful one. And mah wittle weg was happy for the weekend. Then that. Grrr. But it all ran. So yay. I took a baby aspirin later that night and then one in the morning and another at night all week. Things seemed to run better after that. I think it may be Plavax time. We will see. Doctor on Tuesday.

* I’ve got pictures on the camera from January. Yes. January. I will be up loading them and making up a picture post soon. there are just a couple of pictures I want to take before that. A couple of spring flowers are out and there are a new batch of kittens in the ally. Can I get an Awwww….

* And for the Neopetters: I finally beat those Myncis! The Negg Quest is completed! The avatar is mine! That was one pain in the backside. I also finally managed the Red Negg Plushie. So no paint brush for moi. Now for a short rest before…Altador Cup! I’m tuckered just thinking about it :)

So there you have it. Pretty mellow.

Enough from this barrel. How’s it going with you?

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