Tuesday, March 30, 2010

No Bugs Me Monday (Not Even on a Tuesday)

I didn’t do a Bugs Me Monday this week.


Well, really, there wasn’t enough stuff to even make a list this week. It was a pretty darn good week.

Not that it was Buggy free. The Spammers have found me so I had to put up comment moderation. I just don’t want anyone clicking on some link and then have all hell break loose on them. Best to nip it in the bud.
So if you leave a comment and don’t see it right away, it’ll get there soon. Unless you are an evil spammer. Then no you won’t see it.

One of my Netflix gave a fight to get started, but once it did, it was cute. In A Day.  Adorable. It’s sweet. It’s funny. It’s cute. Can not find the soundtrack (if 70077889there is one). Would love to get my hands on it.

Also saw Zombieland. So much better than I hoped. Not Shaun of the Dead great, but still, very good. I even liked Woody Harrelson in it. And he gets on my nerves. But it was fun. Okay. A bit gory. But it is. zombies. It’s a 70123542 world with zombies. They run, they chase, they eat people, they get blown up. But the Bill Murray part. Fab. U. Lous!

Tonight is Ponyo. I am really looking forward to it. So I’ll be watching after Mr. Gow goes to bed. LOL! i even have one more popcorn left. Sweet. 70106454

See? Not to bad a week at all. Even as I write this the sun is shining, the temp has gone up to about 50, I have tea and the kitties are asleep on the couch. It’s going to be up in the summer-like temps by Thursday, we are going grocery shopping on Friday and I’m thinking of Reese’s Pieces for my little basket.

So thank you to however is in charge of these things. You are doing a fine job and deserve a raise. You can tell them I said so.

That’s enough sunshine and rainbows from this barrel. How is your week shaping up?

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