Saturday, March 20, 2010

Love Me Friday (on a Saturday)

One week I’ll get the hang of this. Really. Just not this week. I blame the time change. Yeah. That must be it.

I stole this from It's Time To Get Over How Fragile You Are.

How about we just jump right in shall we?

* Have jelly beans.

* Went to Judi’s with BarbieGirl on St. Patty’s. Not to bad. It is weird having a drink at 1 in the afternoon. I haven’t done that in a very long time. We had Rueben's. They were okay. it came with parsley potatoes. Too bad they were canned. And way to greasy. But I could only have one, so I’m not going to freak over it. I was exhausted though, because it was right after dialysis, but I had a nice time.

* Last night I got a loose tooth. How? Have no idea. I was eating and I noticed it hurt and lo and behold, loose tooth. At the writing of this it is hanging by a smidge and hurting like a MF. So why is this on the good list, well it was a tooth that was either going to need a root canal or get pulled anyway. So now, hello! Don’t have to do that. And when Mr. Gow wakes up and I have him yank out the last of it, it won’t hurt anymore. Then I can eat something. Yay!

* Dialysis actually went well all week. We may have a formula that works the best.

* I bought some new eye shadow that looks nice on me. An olivey green. Makes mah brown eyes sparkle. Sweet.

* I ordered real grown up perfume. Vera Wang and DKNY. I feel very decadent.

* I get to go out tonight! Yay! So anyone out and about should take this time to say hi to me and happy B-Day to BarbieGirl. Who knows when it’ll happen again.

That’s about all the happy from the barrel this week.

How was your week? What were your happys?

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