Sunday, March 14, 2010

If I Had A Manic Phase

It’s forty-five degrees outside. It’s also 1AM. It’s still very cold, but we have a couple of windows open anyhow. My toes are snuggled in their slippers and the room is freezing. But it’s not a snow filled freezing. It’s a springtime cold rainy freezing. The wind is whipping the trees around and knocking the fire escape against the house.

It’s feeling like spring. And I want to clean the house, read my books, paint my nails pink and make a frilly skirt. I feel the pull of cleaning. Of getting it done now, so that when it is spring I can enjoy the weather. I feel the start of a craving. To craft something. Scissors, glue and paint ideas are forming. My fingers are twitching.

There’s a song playing faintly in the back of my mind. I love that one! I think it’ll make a fun soundtrack for everything I want to do right now. But where is that Stacy Q cassette?

I think this wall could use a little paint. Or maybe a mural. Definitely something is needed. Perhaps a jungle theme? Or the pyramids? Something exotic and far, far away.

We should have people over. After all that cleaning and decorating, we should have lots of pizza, wings and icy cold beer. Bad Syfy movies playing in the background, window wide open with the spring rolling in. Laughing and smoking.

Maybe I should sleep now. Wake up early and start on something.

Or maybe I’ll just write a small post and hit publish.

Good thing I don’t have manic phases. My brain would be all a whirl and moving at dizzying speeds.

Enough from this barrel tonight.

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