Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Full Tank and You Don’t Need A Bonus Card

I recently read Poppy's Post and thought “I can do that!” I mean I do usually tell my friends how great they are anyway. Of course I’m usually drunk at the time. And it’s at the bar.

Okay. I can do better. And since I haven’t been out they haven’t heard it in a while.
But. There’s also people I’ve never met face to face that are pretty damn cool too.
Let’s see what I can do.

This is what Poppy's Post wants us to do:

“Soooooo, here’s the challenge: Fill up someone else’s self worth tank. Let’s say nice things about how awesome each other is so that we feel like our existence on this planet is not a waste of space, time, and energy. If you’re strong enough to say nice things about yourself, then do that too.”

A Handful of People Who I Think Are Awesome:

BarbieGirl – I’ve known this lady for my whole life. Literally. She was with us when The Queen swore off Disney movies at a theater, on weekends. Forever. Our families are intertwined. I’ve seen her at her worst and at her best. She has grown up and become a strong, independent, responsible, fun, caring woman. She works six days a week (no exaggeration), then comes home to help and take care of her family. She is awesome and I am glad and honored to call her my BFF.

GrammaShorty and Miss Giggles – I admire similar qualities in both of these women. Both are single parents who have raised beautiful kids. They both pulled themselves up and every day take care of their kids and loved ones. They both have huge hearts, and are serious friends. They have patience, kindness and always miss you when they haven’t seen you in a while. They rock. Seriously.

Mr. and Mrs. H – What can I say? I adore these two. Smart, fun, give you the shirt off their backs people. I literally love to sit and listen to them talk about the goings on for hours at a time.  We don’t get to see them nearly enough. They were two of the best parts that were home.

Karl Ah. A blogger. I’ve never actually met the man. Come to think of it, never chatted or done anything but read his blog and listened to his show. But as with a couple of other bloggers, I feel like I know them. And I think it’s perfectly fine to admire them. He has managed to start pulling his shit together this year. And doing well. In the last few months he has taken control of his diabetes, started exercises, gotten his other meds on a more productive path, started his show up again, and manages to put out a post almost everyday. None of which is an easy task on their own, let alone all of them together. You go dude!

Hilly – This blogger, after her divorce, said, “Screw it. I’m moving.” And did! And after a while, said, “Screw it! I’m goin’ home.” And did! Across country! I can’t manage to get three things I planned to do in one day done. She has the strength and more important courage to start over when she wants to. And to go with it barrel blazin’. Fabulous!

The Queen – My mom. I know. I know. Everyone says their mom. But really. My mom raised two girls as a single parent. One of which had a chronic illness. The other she buried far to early. I’m fairly certain that about 80% of her life can be tracked to a hospital waiting room. She has gotten her collage degree in history, she volunteers at the aquarium, takes a writing class, bakes cookies for everyone and still goes with me to hang out in doctors waiting rooms. The women is absolutely awesome, wonderful and fabulous.

And just because I didn’t list you does not mean you aren’t fabulous. You are!

Now it’s your turn. You can put it in a post, as a FB note or status or any way you want.

That’s it from this cool ass barrel :)

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