Monday, March 1, 2010

A Bit of This and A Bit of That 14

*I had a nice comment last week on one of my posts. They left their blog name, but no link. Lucky for me I know Google and I know how to use it baby. You may check it out here: It's Time To Get Over How Fragile You Are              
I rather like it. The name could use shorting. But still. Enjoying. Despite us having two very different illness, a lot of the everyday is very similar. The odd energy surges and drains, the blahs, the good doctor hunts. Ah the fun! Though if on dialysis stay away from that last food post! Those are NOT good foods for the likes of us. They are quite the opposite!
In fact I am thinking of stealing (Yes. Stealing.) her Loving Fridays.
I have stolen this comic she had up last week, maybe the week before. Don’t remember when, but I laughed out loud, so it should be enjoyed by most bloggers. Those that aren’t laughing are the ones with the signs.


(I made it big so you could see it better.)


*The Olympics have ended. And as with the summer ones, at about the week and a half mark I wished it would be over already. But by the time it is over it’s been on so long that it feels like a habit. I know tomorrow I’ll absently turn on the TV expecting to see snow and some sort of skiing activity. It won’t be there of course and then I’ll have to try to remember what it was I used to watch before the Olympics. Even now it alludes me. I’m pretty sure it was whatever show marathon is on SciFi/Chiller. I know what it won’t be. No more Jerry Seinfeld’s The Marriage Ref for me. Gah! Just bad. Dull bad. Beyond dull bad. I am however looking forward to two Canadian shows; Hiccups and Dan for Mayor. Being on a boarder city, we get to see Canadian TV, and The Queen and I just adored Corner Gas. We have high hopes for these new ones.  Which, by the way are on tonight on CFTO (15 here).

(Oops! I meant to put this post up much earlier. We’ve already passed the show’s time.)

* I think the irritable grumpies are ending. Finally! Unfortunately I feel like I’m on the verge of tears all day long. Not the woe is me kind, more like the PMSy “I got a bear hug on Facebook! That’s so wooonnderfuulll!”  weepy girly kind. Those that know me know I’d rather be bitchy. Sigh. Let’s hope this passes more quickly.

That’s enough from this barrel. More later.

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