Sunday, February 7, 2010

There’s Always Week Two


I know you all desperately want to know all about this first week.

And you shall know. For I am generous and will not leave you twisting in you chairs a moment longer.

To start, my new schedule is Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Which I like. I like not being the only one in the house who has to be up at 4AM on a Saturday. I get to do the Monday thru Friday thing. I get to TGIF with the best of them. I like it.

I still get mornings. Yay.

The first day went as I thought it would. I arrived and we did paperwork. I was a little bit (read: VERY) nervous about the needle thing. But it went well. Actually we did well with that part all week. I hope next week has more of that same.

The second part I dreaded was the dialyzer and fluid removal parts. In this we had the most trouble.

The dialyzer part. It’s a little smaller. So I’m not crashing as hard. I still crash, but I don’t feel like death is sitting on my chest eating Cheetoes waiting for me to get on with it already. Blood levels are still good at 85%. Yay.
The fluid part. Unfortunately since we are all just getting started and acquainted, there is no “things we do because we know they work” yet.
My blood pressure is still dropping right away. And they insist on turning the fluid goal down or off far to early. Or the worst of the worst; giving saline every time the machine beeps.

Again. Let me say. It’s not the fluid when my BP drops within the first 15 minutes. So lets not be touching that.

They don’t understand the “I am going to crash lets get what we can off quickly.” The “if we go for 2 kilos, I get 1 off. If we go for 3 kilos, I get about 2 off. If we go for 4 kilos, we get about 3 off, lets use profile 1 so I don’t drown in my own fluid plan.” The one we were using.

And because of that I’ve left almost 3 kilos above my dry weight. That’s the extra fluid being carried around.

A kilo is 2.2 pounds. So that’s 6.6 pounds. Almost a bag of kitty litter of extra fluid.

All weekend I’ve been feeling rather crappy. And I still have another day to go.

Oh Heavens!

Maybe I can try to sleep it away.

I have an appointment with my Doc on Tuesday.
He is going to love me. I have a nice list of things to hash out and decide on.

He is a lot easier to talk to and plan things with than the other one.

I’m hoping we’ll come away with a workable plan of action. That does not include increasing my dry weight to 36. (Really. No. You can see the fluid people. Don’t do that.)

I do have a feeling this will involve me going an extra day just for fluid removal.

I’m getting that heavy knowing feeling in my back. It must be so.

We’ll see. But…I’m just saying.

I will say they are an awesome crew up here. Everyone is just great. I know a few from my time before. But even the new nurses are great. So far I really like everyone there.

And I haven’t seen a paper chart. I think it’s all computer charting. It’s pretty cool.

I think I’ll try drawing a little layout picture. Try the scanner part of my printer ‘all in one’ machine. Hmmmm. yes. Perhaps I will.

So there you have it. The first week. Mah.

I have higher hopes for this week. It really has to get better.



If you are reading this in a reader you may not know I’ve spiffed up for the warmer weather.

It will be slightly tweaked up during the week, but this is the main dish. Let me know how you like it.

Don’t you just adore the header? I love how it turned out! :)



I want to say how much I really liked everyone up at BGH. I really miss them. They were great to me. Very willing to try new courses of action. And not yell at me. LOL!
Hopefully I’ll get to see them when I go with The Queen to her appointments or just downtown at the market sometime.

Thank you all for taking such good care of me :)


That’s all from the barrel :)

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