Saturday, February 27, 2010

It’s Not That Bad of a Pop Stand

A few days ago I came across Karl's post about somewhere new. And I started to think. Okay. We aren’t NYC, but we’re not as isolated as Sebring either. We’re not huge, but not a village. We have stuff.Then I thought, they should have TequilaCon 2011 here. Alright, we didn’t have the Olympics like Vancouver. We still rock. We have bloggers darn it. We have Tequila, Jagger and a Hard Rock Cafe. We even have a Starbucks. So here is why anyone should consider us as their new pop stand or if you are Blogography, run jen run, or Iron Fist you should consider the East Coasters for 2011.


*Four out of five people are musicians or personally involved with a musician. If you can’t find a free or inexpensive concert to go to, well, you are officially dead and perhaps seeing a band should be farther down on your to do list.  All summer long there are concerts everywhere. Close your eyes and point at the paper. Something will jump up and bite you in the nose.

*We have fireworks every weekend.

*We are the Eight Wonder of the World for Pete's sake.

*We have been mentioned in Forbes by name. So what if it was the Forbes Top Twenty Miserable Places to live? They also included Chicago, Philadelphia, NYC and Ohio. And with Paterson's announcement that he won’t be running in November we’ve probably dropped off the top ten to around 15. Yay us!

*If you really want to quit smoking this is the place to be! Our legislative body has made it possible to quit whether you want to or not. There is no smoking inside, not even in bars and a pack of smokes cost about 142 dollars. Go lungs!

*On the flip side alcohol is inexpensive and can be found almost anywhere.

*Our bars are open until 4 AM.

*We have the Bills and the Sabers. But even a non-sports person is able to take advantage of game days at the local bar with $1 drafts and wing specials.

*We also have The Goo Goo Dolls, Ani DiFranco, Christine Baranski, and briefly, David Boreanaz, not to mention a slew of others. 

*We have Father Baker. On his way to Sainthood. How cool is that?

*We have the charm of a midsized city, but if you feel the itch for the big time, the crowds and roars of something larger, then there are two airports in order to make your escape for the weekend.

*You can escape to many different fun filled locations. For example, we are 2 hours from Toronto, 4 hours from Philly and 8 hours from NYC. And really, if you are driving for 2 hours, do you want to end up at the doctor’s or Toronto?

*We have a major art gallery, many theaters (movie and stage), libraries, more coffee and free WiFi than you can shake a stick at, oh and we have these really big waterfalls that people seem to enjoy looking at.

*We have a zoo with monkeys.

*There’s a casino for those that don’t like their money and want to get as far away from it as possible.

*I think we have karaoke. Can’t say for sure. But I do believe I heard mention of it, so I’m sure it’s true.

*We have Frank Lloyd Wright buildings.

*If you don’t want to go anywhere you can blame it on the weather without looking like an old grump.

*There’s an insane number of insane bloggers within an 8 hour radius. Including the joy that is meeee!

*We have 3G.


Book now! You know you want to be here in the barrel!

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