Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So Far So Good

A new year has started.

I rang it in at home with a Mike’s Hard Limeade. I think I can say, I prefer the raspberry.

Mr. Gow was over his buddy’s jamming away.

It seems sad. To celebrate at home alone. And it did feel like that a few times during the evening. A pull that would flare up. The quick thought, “If I hurry up, maybe I can get a cab in five minutes and be there just in time.” They passed. There was no way I was getting a cab. Still. The pull flared.


It was also quiet. I was able to just sit and read, watch TV and just be. I was able to take stock of what had past. I spent Oct-May in and out of the hospital. I lost the kidney and went back on dialysis. We moved into a new apartment, while the old was torn down.  I squeezed out yet another year and made it to 40. But my sweet little Fatboy left us. We spent most of the winter trapped inside and was out and about with family in the summer.

But we all made it to a new one. Not a bad way to ring in the new year.

After my little drink, I awarded myself  with a lovely sleep in.

When I woke I started with the first coffee of the year. And started up the first dinner of the year.

I did it up sweet. Pasta and sauce that simmered all day with sausage and meatballs. An antipasto filled with all my favorites: olives, caponata, artichokes, cheese, pepperoni, peppers, salami, marinated vegetables.

I cooked and sliced and drank coffee. I had my DVDs left by Santa playing in the background. (Farscape. In case you were wondering.)

The whole apartment was filled with yummy. asmallfeast1

An awesome first day and dinner.









And of course we had snow. We were not spared. Though not quite as much as most, it was impressive. I took a few pics on Sunday. There was a whole lot more since then, but it was cold and I didn’t want to go out.

On Sunday though it was up to my knees. Granted that’s only ankle deep for most people, but it was no fun for me. When I arrived home from dialysis, I stepped out of the cab and just looked. I had no idea how to get to my house. Luckily the neighbor had shoveled and I was able to get to the front from there. There’s a short walkway, maybe three feet to get from one house to the other. That was not shoveled. I had to wade my way to the stairs. Snow up in my shoes. Oh the fun of winter.



I know it’s hard to tell, but it is indeed    up to my knees.







The landlord was kind enough to shovel a little while after I was home. Here is one of the paths. That part may actually be above my knees. Yikes!






Here’s the snowy scenery. All I need now is Omar Sharif.





Overall? Not a bad start off this new one.

I hope you all had a good start too.

(Here’s a tryout sign-off.)

That’s all from the barrel. For now.

(Yes? No? Blah?)


  1. Try "Peeking out of the Barrel", even if it's on your tiptoes!

  2. Nice pictures mate. Pictures of the Ice are really amazing


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