Thursday, January 21, 2010

News From The Medical Front


This has been a medical week of not so much joy and one piece of hopeful.

Let’s start with the hopeful since the rest will take so long I may forget there is anything hopeful this week.

The Memorial unit called for my paperwork. Medical records and such! Yay!!
Any time now! I wont have to be up at 4AM. I’ll be able to sleep in till 5AM. And the ride there will only take a few minutes instead of an hour.

Oh the joy! This makes me a happy camper. That’s the good.

Now the not so fun.

Bad needle week. I have a nice bruise from Saturday still. Ouch.

It took 3 nurses to get the one in today. And sore is not the right word for it. Yeowwwy! That’s closer.

And me Xanax free.

Yep. The script ran out and I thought it would be a good time to try to get on without it. You know, brave up.

It’s not really working.

You’d think I was performing a scene from SAW 28. I was so not dignified.

I think we all need booze and Xanax now. They must just hate me.

And I don’t blame them.

To add to that joy we keep having the same conversation about the whole BP dropping every treatment issue.

Several nurses insist it’s my dry weight that keeps causing the trouble. And I explain again that the dialyzer is huge. I, on the other-hand, am not.

The toxins just clear to quickly with this one. And I’ve noticed the longer we use it the worse I feel. This week, even when my BP is good I’ve felt yucky.

I’m really, really hoping that the Falls nephrologist will be able to get me a decent size dialyzer. The Baxter Xenium looks pretty sweet and comes in a 1.3. Just sayin’. La la la…

Anyhow, for New Year’s I have decided to do better with my diet and meds. I thought I was doing well until Dr. Neph told me that no, my levels are far to high. 8 or 9 at least. Very disheartening.

Sadly, because, well, I don’t care for him, I tend to do the opposite of what he says. Yes. I know. Childish much?

I’m working on it.

Anyway, when he told me about my results I figured what was the point of taking the darn things if they don’t help.

Again. I know.

Then I saw what the results really were.

They were awesome! Seriously! Awe-frackin’-some!

With this new found info I have, as I write this, downed a couple of my pills. And feel good about taking them. If I’m going to be choking down horse pills, I need them to do what they’re supposed to. And to know they are doing what they are supposed to do.

So I am now back on board my little med train to Happyville.

Go me.

For those that are curious:

These are the biggies.

Potassium: Keeps muscles and heart rate going well. Should Be=3.5-5.5.
Last Month=5.4. This Month=4.8. Awesome!

Phosphorus: Can cause weak bones and heart and lung calcification, pain and itching. Should Be= 3.5-5.5
Last Month=9.2 (Yikes!). This Month=5.7. Sweet!
(This would be the one I was told was still very high. I can only guess that he assumed it was still high without actually checking first.)

The next two show how well one is being dialyzed.

Kt/V: Should Be: Above 1.2.
Last Month=2.33. This Month=3.86. Oh yeah!

URR: Should Be: Above 65.
Last Month=84.8. This Month=94.3. Rockin’!
(I can’t imagine why with a clearance like that on a good Potassium level I would be crashing. It’s a mystery all right. Why that’s better than when I had the kidney. Really.)

Well. Since that’s more fun than any one person should have all to themselves, I think it’s time to end it here.

With fingers crossed from the barrel.

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