Saturday, January 2, 2010

I Won’t and You Can’t Make Me

I saw anti-resolutions over here at Write Anything.

it’s a list of things I won’t be doing this year.

I could use this space to say I won’t overreact to G putting the entire crock pot unit into a sink full of soapy water.  Or I will not engage in destructive feeling or behavior.


I would like to keep this within the realm of reality.

* I will not be peer pressured into watching any reality show. this includes such twitter favs as Project Runway, Biggest Loser or Steven Segal: Lawman.

* I will not renew library books when I am unable to get past chapter 2.

* I will not buy cheap tea no matter how bad they say the economy is.

* I will not post out of guilt for not posting for a week.

* I will not deprive myself of a fun meme because others think they are stupid.

* I will not be bitter about G getting me a towel for Christmas and switching all his DVDs up into different cases in retaliation.

* I will not take up a heroin habit just to relieve the boredom of my days.

* I will not swim with sharks as some life affirming experience.

* I will not eat anything that looks squiggly or slimy in order to appear worldly or brave.

Is there anything you won’t do this year?


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