Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Bit of This and A Bit of That 13

Ah. January. So far so not to bad. Here’s some things that have been going on.

* Have I mentioned I’m on a morning shift? Maybe once or twice I’m sure. And yeah. Still loving it! Especially with the snow going on. I am very happy to be home at noon.

* During one of the trips up to the unit this week, the cab driver informed me that he has been driving me since he moved here. 19 years ago. Yeah. That’ll make you feel really old. I also had the thought that in all that time, with all the things that happen in each of our lives, lives that never cross except during a cab ride, here we were. He drove me to dialysis then and he’s driving me to dialysis now. It just had that ‘the more things change, full circle’ feeling to it. And I felt even older.

* Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment. But before I headed over to that I ran into the Memorial dialysis unit manager. She wanted to know if I was still interested in transferring. YES! I answered. She let me know she would be making calls soon and getting all the medical records. So I’m thinking before summer. Maybe spring? Oh joy!

* Then I went to see my cardiologist. Who said I was doing fantastic and I canHEART%20LOU actually stop taking one of the meds. The harshest one to be exact. The one that can interact with, oh, everything. It may even interact with air. But I am done with it! Well, it is still in my system for about 3 months, but after that Amiodarone free!
I’ll be able to take Benadryl when allergy seasons hits! I’m just so happy.

* Today is chill out day. I slept in, had coffee, renewed my online game subscription, set up my PIN for Talkshoe, ordered some new sweaters and jeans, wrote this post and am going to do some reading. I may or I may not cook dinner. I haven’t decided yet.

* As I’ve mentioned, I’m looking for a sign-off phrase. This week CinderellaSnowflake suggested “peeking out of the barrel’.  Let’s keep the suggestions coming. Perhaps there will be a reward :) Hmmm…maybe.


Peeking out of the barrel…

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