Wednesday, December 30, 2009

They Are Not Resolutions Darnit!

I’ve never cared for that word. Too many high hopes are implied in it.
And if you don’t do every single one of the things on your list?  Well then you didn’t really resolve anything at all did you now? Then you just feel yucky and fall back into exactly what you didn’t want to do anymore.

Also.  When looked at quickly, it resembles revolution. And those are just bloody horror filled events where you’re lucky to get out alive.



These are more like goals without deadlines. Goals without specific numbers.
I know some think that’s the complete opposite of the point, but, well, too bad.

This year I would like to:

1. Rebuild some of the strength lost last year. After all that hospital, laying around, I’m just not up to pare yet. I’d like to be able to take a walk for more than a block.

2. I hate cleaning. But I love how everything looks and how I feel when it’s done. This year I want to try and focus on how good it’ll be when it’s done instead of the dread before I even start.

3. Make time to be creative. I used to do something creative all the time. It’s slipped past me somewhere. I need to get it back. It doesn’t matter if it’s writing, painting, some crafty thing. Just something.

4. Make time to read more. More. Please. Any. A ton of books and me zoning in front of the TV watching? What? I don’t even remember what I’ve watched. That’s how great it must have been.

5. Be more thoughtful. I want to try and remember cards and dates to send cards. Bring muffins to the unit, call people in a more timely manner. Just do better.

6. Really buckle down and follow my diet and meds. Put in a little more effort than I have been. (Hangs head in shame. Yes. Shame.)

7. Simplify. Simplify. Simplify. How much bath gel does one person need? How much eyeshadow can one person wear? Yeah. I have enough of all sorts of that stuff for about 68 people. And it would last for about 6 months. Instead of buying lots of mediocre stuff (makeup, lotion, shampoo,etc.) I plan to buy one of the good stuff and throw out all the crappy stuff.

8. I will be trying to find a neat and fun sign off for the bottom of my posts. I always liked how that looked. ‘Still in the barrel”, “No holes in the barrel”, “Not dead yet” Hmmm. This may take more than a year.

9. Not worry or stress if none of the above works out one hundred percent the way I want. Just enjoy what I do manage and work at it more the following year.

That’s about it. If I get 2 or 3 things in a better place than they are now, I will feel damn good about myself.

Do you have any goals or resolutions for yourself?


Have a Happy New Year! And a fun New Year’s Eve!

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