Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pictures Post

I finally managed to upload my pictures. Really! I did it! And boy was I surprised. I had completely forgotten that I took pictures when BarbieGirl and I went out. About three weeks ago.


We both had our cameras. Did she remember she took pictures too? We’ll soon find out :)


  At Braggs where the drinks are hittin’ hard. Woohoo!


Yeah. Not a clue. Looks like a shirt. Why? Have no idea. I can’t even guess what was going on in my head at the time. Maybe I was thinking of Yogi and picnic baskets.


   I get to put up the pictures of my cousin’s baby boy!  This is him and his beautiful mom.


Little man in a big chair. He’s so cute!! Can you stand it? I know you can’t!


Getting ready to make a break for it. He had been sitting for three whole minutes :)


“Escape! Darn that door handle for being so high!” I sympathize little dude. I really do



Look at that wittle face!


I haven’t put the big tree up yet, but I have the little one shining away.  Mrs. V, you may recognize it.

A couple of close-ups of the lights.


That’s all for the moment. We’re supposed to get snow tonight. Perhaps I’ll grab a couple of pics of it. If it strikes my fancy that is.
I just might.

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