Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Little Less Ho, A Lot More Humbug

I was late to dialysis yesterday.

I don’t skip days.

And I’m never late. Because the cab always comes.

But yesterday. Oh yesterday. They didn’t arrive.

I called. It appears there was no longer a standing order. “"Well, that can’t be right.” I thought to myself.
I call the transportation office. Yes. There is no standing order. There is no record of me being transported at all. There is nothing. At all.

I explain that I was indeed transported as recently as Saturday and as far back as the spring.




I’m certain. Yes.

We have our computer here and it says No.

I was starting to get freaked out.

And almost in tears at the idea of having to take a bus to Buffalo at 5 PM, in the cold, while it snowed. Then to have to take a bus back home feeling yucky, when it’s colder and windier.

Luckily the nice woman I talked to was able to get up something for the day.

I was only a half hour late. So it wasn’t so bad.

The social worker setup rides for Thursday and Saturday. Then there are papers being sent, to fill out all over again.

Which will allow me to get to dialysis as before.

On time.


But no. That’s not all the fun around these parts.

Oh no.

I think my kitty is sick. She’s just not acting herself. When I see her, she’s always at the water dish. And she’s taken to meowing, usually at night. Something she never did before. Ever.
If she is sick, maybe we can catch whatever it is early enough to make her not sick.  I’ll try to to worry to much until we talk to the vet. Until then, she gets a little extra petting.

Then she bites me.

Which is normal for her.  So perhaps she’s fine after all.

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