Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Bit of This and A Bit of That 12

It’s been a simple week. At first I wanted to rant about a certain person/persons, but I’ve become bored with the topic. I’m trying to get into a festive mood. And I will try to stay festive. It usually lasts for about a week and then turns to grumpy before the season fun is over with. By New Year’s I’m down right unbearable.
Let me be clear about this though. I want to be festive, not overly cheerful. There will be no reindeer sweaters. Not snowmen socks. No funny messages on the answering machine. But there will be lights,cookies and perhaps the spiked egg nog.  A fine line I know. I shall walk it carefully.

As I do far to often, here are a few things that bounced around my head during the week..

*Thanksgiving was a nice mellow day. I cooked up a turkey roast. Along with the basics; stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce. (Yes. The can. I need 800px-apple_pie ridges.) Corn and biscuits were also enjoyed. Then dessert. Yummy. The Queen was babysitting, so afterwards I took her some food. Most importantly, I took her some apple pie. One should never approach The Queen on Thanksgiving without pie. It just ends in bloodshed.

*The following Sunday The Queen and I attended dinner with the Cousins. It was a really nice time. D and his wife had a baby girl in August. She was asleep the whole time so no pictures this time. But take my word for it she is adorable. I did get pictures of A&A’s little ball of energy T. OMG! So damn cute!  I so want to put those up, but I want to get permission first. Since I don’t know their feelings on having his picture plastered all over the internet, I rather be safe than sorry. I hope I can. He’s just too cute for words.

*Snackiepoo has decided to take down Snackie TeeVee. She cited many of the same reasons I had for not better contributing. For myself, after the hospital I just didn’t get back into any of my shows. I even forgot about a couple. Even though I do watch The Big Bang Theory, how many times can one write Sheldon was the best part, oh that science humor, or Josh Gates went traipsing around a jungle. At night. In the rain. Again. Or even, One  more annoying person was eliminated from fill in the blank.  So I understand completely. If I have anything TV related it’ll just be here with the rest. I know you love that.

*I am seriously loving this season’s Dexter. I absolutely adore John Lithgow. Hejohn is just incredible. In all things. And he is doing a fantastic job creeping me the hell out.  Last season rather bored me. I barely remember what happened. But  this one has me doing the Dexter is on in five minutes thing every Sunday. Sweet.

*I managed to take down the Halloween decorations and get the Christmas ones going.  One step closer to festive. See? I’m doing it! I’m doing it!

*My social worker heard from the Falls unit. I’m on hold for a while. Something with inspections. I’m all for being sure everything is up and running according to code. But.  A while. Well damn. That doesn’t sound hopeful at all. Please let me be wrong. I’m still crossing my fingers for a Christmas start. Before the blizzards roll in. Before the ice storms take down power lines. Before I have to start carrying a huge backpack to carry all my cords, book, tooth brush, and trial sized everything else just in case I end up stranded in Buffalo. They said it happened one year. Again I say it. Damn. I really don’t want to do all that. Fingers crossed. Fingers crossed.

*Most of you can skip this part. It’s for the Neopetters out there. Finished the GMC with a 35/40. Not too shabby. Some of it was really difficult. The Wobbly Wocky drove me insane. And their version of Sudoku. God I hate that game.150_578896 In the end it was the Meepits and Gwyls cave that did me in. For all the people who think It’s just for kids. Blah blah blah. Bite me. Really. Just bite me.
Also we finished up and were awarded our plot prizes. I have no idea how it was figured out. I know I did 14/16 and got the same prizes as someone who did 3/16. Very disappointing. I will participate in the next one, but I hope it’s better done.
I’ve also been working on taking advantage of the send 10 scores this month (it’s in honor of their 10 year birthday. The rest of the time you can only send your score 3 times. This month is a good time to rack up some neopoints.) But I’ll tell you, 12 games x 10. I’m exhausted from it. I almost wish for January when things settle back to normal. Almost :)

khmaffei got their Neopet at

That’s about it for the moment. May this week bring more inspiration.

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