Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This Time P Stands For Pictures


Sometimes one needs to take things into ones own hands.
I had to sign a medical records release for the new unit.  I was supposed to have it done last week. But no one had it for me on Thursday.

Monday, The Queen had to have her blood-work done. I decided to go along and then afterwards we would go sign the paper and check out the new dialysis unit.

Oh my Lord!

As soon as we walk in the receptionist asked if I was there to sign my release. I said yes. She handed me the paper.
No waiting for an hour while they looked for the form. Or for someone who knew what I was talking about.


There it was.

I then asked the unit manager about dialyzers.
We briefly discussed why I believe it’s the dialyzer at all that is the thorn in my side.  
(BP drops at the same time every treatment. Increasing dry weight, giving meds, turning the UF off, giving saline, does nothing to help. And when I was on the smaller one, I did better. I may not have a fancy degree, but …duh.)
And she listened! She said she would ask my doctor and see what we could do.


I then let her know that I would take any shift, any day. That the schedule I am on was not of my choosing. That the earlier the better.

She was happy to hear that.

I think she thought I was happy with and only wanted the shift I am on.

Then I got the best news.

I may be able to be there after Thanksgiving!

Go me! Go me!

All in all it was fabulous! I’m very glad I went.


Now. It may have taken weeks and weeks, but I finally got them done. Yay!
Here they are…The Pictures:



birthdaycheesecake  Birthday cheesecake. Oh yum!


The Halloween Pictures


Kitty cat BarbieGirl. Roar!



Not a reference from The Office. But it was funny watching BarbieGirl ask him if it was. All the while tapping on his “package”.


thescariestcost The scariest costume of all!



He just cracks me up :)


Excuse me, but isn’t he supposed to age like the rest of us? I did not give him permission to look better as he gets older. No. I did not.


dom1bwwildbill09bw This is not from last year. He has worn this costume for 5 years now.


I love the look of this one. The bar appears huge.


edandjess uncbw09spookyuncs Spooky Unc’s

Night Out With GrammaShorty



A Few Cat Pictures
(because they are cute)

freddythecatkitthegiantcatsqueeandkit squeakereats samcomfy

I hope you enjoyed them :)

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