Wednesday, November 25, 2009

No I’m Not Being Paid For This

Ah. Better late than never as they say.

There is a new regulation/law for bloggers that state they have to inform people when they are being paid to write an article/review for a company. So I just want to say…

I am not being paid for this.

Whew! Now that that is out of the way…

Earlier in the week BarbieGirl and I headed out for an afternoon of bitchin’ and lunch.
First we did a few errands and lots of bitchin’ we were feeling a bit parched. We decided that coffee was in order.

We skipped the chain coffee for a little locally owned cafe, Murphy’s Cafe.

Very, very happy we did so!

We were only going to get coffee, but the food looked so yummy, well. We broke down.
They have breakfast items (you can get them all day) wraps and pannis. There were desserts in a case, but we were to stuffed to even look at them. Next time for definite.

We had the Mediterranean Wrap. Chicken, olives, spinach, feta. (We see feta and we are done for. Hehehe.)

The wrap was awesome. Huge. Lots of chicken. And they grill up the wrap so it’s crispy not soggy. I dislike soggy wraps. Yuck.

The place is small, but cozy. Not collage kid cozy, grown-up cozy.  Art on the  walls, shadowbox tables (handmade tables I might add), warm color schemes. Cozy.
And free WiFi. Sweet!

But here take a look:


A coffee table. Oh yeah. I said it :)coffeetable2 coffeetable3

Table with rocks. 


Check your FB while you wait for food.



 murphys1 murphysdoor staircase1

Murphy’s Cafe on Third
205 Rainbow Blvd.
Niagara Falls, NY 14303

The place really is a nice spot. And we both had such a nice time. We’ll be back again. Maybe pannis then.

So go hop in your car and go have some coffee:)

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