Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Little Howdy Do!

It’s been rather quite around here lately. I don’t know whether to be grateful or worried.

Halloween was a great time. I took a ton of pictures. I just need to get to them.
And I will. Very soon.
My birthday was uneventful and filled with cheesecake. You can’t beat that. I have a few pictures of that too.

Life has mostly consisted of me trying to get a morning shift at the hospital. Apparently everyone else can just ask and it is done. I’ve been asking since July and still waiting. (Sigh.)
It must be my charming wit and sparkling intellect. My winning personality, my absolute terror of needles, that makes them want to keep me all to themselves.
It could be true.

Alright. Alright. That wasn’t supposed to be that funny. 

The Falls unit at Memorial should be opening sometime before Christmas. Maybe in a couple of weeks.
God I hope I get an early shift!
Please don’t let them think I like the shift I have.

I really hope there will be a phone call beforehand. In order to arrange things such things as that.

One of the nurses at BGH did squeeze out another Saturday for me. So today I get to go early. I do like being home before Sunday. So the nurses totally rock .


For my birthday (Or maybe it was just a coincidence. I think not.) Amazon had the complete Angel series for 53 buckaroos.


That was my present to myself :) My sweet Angel box-set arrived! So I will be having a Jossy weekend. Yay!

Then today, yes Amazon is evil, they had the complete Ally McBeal for 80. Dear Heavens! What to do? What to do?

It should be here next week.


As I said at the beginning, not much happening.

I had planned on participating in NaBloPoMo. I had ideas written down, memes copied and ready to fill out. And then I realized it was the 7th already. I can’t even act surprised. This is how I usually roll.

Even if I don’t want to.


Tomorrow evening I will be meeting up with GrammaShorty! Yay!!
I haven’t actually laid eyes on her in a year! A whole year! And she lives here!
We’ll be doing some serious catching up.
I believe I may be un-hermiting. Finally.
Just in time to hibernate for winter. LOL!
So if anyone has a deep desire to say hi. You better make it out tonight.
There’s no telling when I will be out again.

That about does it for me. Until I get to those pictures.


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