Thursday, October 22, 2009

Something Pleasant For A Change

I can’t say my mood has improved any. Because of that I made up my mind to post something fun. Something to take my mind off of me-eeee.

Several weeks back our cousin came up for the weekend for fun and food. We had lots of both.

She arrived on a Friday evening. And after her long drive we all agreed food was in order. We headed for our favorite Chinese buffet, where I personally overstuffed myself. It was so-ooo good though.

We then visited for a little and then hit the hay for Saturday.

I had been able to switch my time for that day. So I arrived home early. 11:30AM early. Sweet.

After a cup of coffee we headed over to Canada. We were off to see the birds. The Birds of the Lost Kingdom. To be exact.
It really was cool.

(I know I’ve mentioned these bits before, but it’s a recap after all.)

I’ve gone ahead and posted the pictures I was able to get before the camera died. Cindy will be sending hers along and then I will post those.

Sunday was insane. When Cindy pulled up it started to down pour. Then the thunder and a lot of lighting started. Being very brave and fearless people we holed up until it came to a slow steady drizzle.

With our slow drizzle and a positive attitude we were on our way. Headed to The Fatima Shrine. We had been there several times before, but it is so beautiful we go every time.

The rain finally stopped soon after we arrived. Which I took to be a good omen.
We walked around and I managed to take a good number of pictures. As you will see.

With our well exercised feet and gift shop buying we once again agreed food was the next order of business.
We headed over to The Red Coach Inn.

(If you watched The Office wedding episode you got to see the outside of it. Yes I have eaten there. Yes. It was very good.Yes. You should go there. Yum!)

Again. I ate far to much. But I couldn’t stop. It was all so delicious. I even had dessert. I never have dessert. Cheesecake. Classic with cherry sauce. Oh. My. God.


Monday brought more rain. This time it only stopped when we were inside a building. The minute we set foot outside (and it was freezing out) it started up again.

But we are stubborn folks.

We hit the Aquarium. I managed a few really nice pictures. I was quite pleased with myself.

Then we went shopping. Latina’s and DiCamillo’s called out our names.

First up was DiCamillo’s. Our bakery of choice. We loaded up with doughnuts, cookies and loaves of uncut Italian bread. Oh yeah.

Then it was Latina’s. It’s a little Italian store that sells, well, Italian food. We left there with olives, cheese, and cold cuts.
Back at the house it was time for doughnuts and tea.
And the sun was shining brightly as soon as we set foot inside.

We visited a bit more and then it was time for the weekend to end.

It was a fantastic weekend.

Both The Queen and I were so happy to have her here. We hope she had just as good a time. We have started to plan out next year’s visit. Hehe. Hehe. He.






I have noticed I rarely manage people or food pictures. I’m so busy socializing and actually eating the food, I never think of it until afterwards. I will work on that. But I make no promises of success. 
I hope you enjoy all the pictures I get :)

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