Saturday, October 31, 2009

Oooooo…Happy Halloween!

It’s my favorite day of the year. Even more than Christmas, though that is a very close second.
Last year I was unable to participate in any of the Halloween festivities. So I am looking forward to spending it with all my friends, new and old.

I have a bunch of batteries for the evening and plan on using them.
It should be a fun and interesting night. With the clock set back that makes it a twenty-five hour Halloween.

He. Hehe. Hehehe! Haha!Jack-O-Lantern-3D-Screensaver

I had no plans on dressing up. However BarbieGirl and I went out and about on Wednesday and cobbled together a little something.
We hit Target and I bought a few things. Found new boots, slippers and costume items (that can also be used once Halloween is over ). While there BarbieGirl bought me the second season of Pushing Daises for my birthday. Yay and thank you! Thank you!

Then it was on to food.

We stopped in at a little Greek place that just opened. Not to bad. The grape leaves rocked. The Souvlaki was quite good, but needed olives. Overall, a yay.



Halloween also brings Winter’s birthday. A Happy happy birthday to her. I hope you have a great time!


Today is also my dear friends anniversary. I hope you have the day you want to have. I wish you the joy and happiness you both so deserve.
The Queen and I send lots of hugs! I am sorry. We are out of cats to send. Maybe next year :)


And to finish things off my Halloween movie list. Because you may not be at all surprised that I choose these.


Scariest Movie I’ve Ever Seen. Ever - The Shining. I’m sorry Mr. King didn’t care for it. But it still scares the hell out of me. Jack Nicholson is Fab-U-Lous in it. 20060317-shaun-of-the-dead-2
Favorite Zombie Movie - Shaun of the Dead. Simon Pegg is a god. That is all.
Favorite Vampire MovieVampires. I know. You thought I was going to say Nostforatu. That is at the top, but James Woods is so James Woods in this. I love to watch whenever it’s on.
Favorite Werewolf Movie - Silver Bullet.  It’s Corey Haim people! Fighting a werewolf. How is that not great? Yeah everyone loves the American Werewolf. Too gory for my taste. This more my speed. 
Favorite Ghost Movie - The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. It’s sweet and funny and just makes me smile when it’s on.
Favorite Regeneration Movie - Ed and His Dead Mother. Steve Bushemi. Wonderful. Funny.  Duh.
Dead_Ringers Most Disturbing - Dead Ringers. It just is. Trust me.
Favorite Movie with a Surprise EndingThe Sixth Sense. Saw it three times in the theater. Freaked me out each time. The attic, the handprint on the table, the tent. Creepy!
Favorite Crazy Person MoviePsycho. Even though Norman doesn’t show up until the last hour, it is just masterful.

Scariest Buffy EpisodeThe Gentlemen. Hands down. The silence. The fog. The floating. Ewww!gentlemen~3

Scariest BookIt. Eeeeeee!

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