Monday, October 26, 2009

A Bit of This and a Bit of That Pt. 11


* First and foremost, this weekend was Avitable’s Halloween bash. I tried and tried to think of a way to work my schedule around it so I could go, but it just wasn’t happening. I still hold out hopes for BlogHer.
Until then I will make do with pouring over all the pictures that will no doubt be Flickered soon. halloweenshirt1
The costumes, the displays, (Yes! He has displays!), all the drunken foolishness and mayhem. God I wish I was there!
This post has a list of the guests who are there having the drunken orgy I am envying right now. They will be recaping eventually.
And even though I haven’t managed this year’s tee yet, here’s last year’s:

* I haven’t been enjoying hardly any of the shows I was waiting to see. They have all managed to bore or annoy the hell out of me. So lately, in the evening I’ve been listening to radio plays on BBC7. They have some pretty cool shows going on. I’m listening to Dracula at the moment. And there’s a newer one on called Oneira. It’s like a Douglas Adams odd and quirky show. Next week starts Dr. Who.  Sweet.
The only thing I don’t like is you only have 7 days to listen. After that you can’t hear them. One has to be vigilant so as not to miss a first episode.
Other than that I am really enjoying it. Work that imagination!

* Last week it was time. The last two kittens that hung out on the porch had to go to the SPCA.  In the morning and at night they would be huddled at the window all their fur puffed out to keep warm. It was too heartbreaking. The Queen had jjskweekerlimpy2 already taken in Squeaker. That pushed her to her limit. And Mr. Gow yelled about “No more cats! We have enough!”.  Of course once they were actually gone he said, “I guess we could have taken one”. Jackass.
This is Betty (formerly Limpy) and JJ. I hope they are warm and finding good homes or a home together.


* I have managed to get a first shift for Halloween day! I do have to be up at 4 to be ready when the cab comes at 5 so I can be there by6. Whew! But that means I will be able to come home, nap in the afternoon, then hand out candy, then get ready and actually go out! I’m so psyched about seeing everyone! I haven’t seen them in over a year.

* Speaking of Miss Giggles and GrammaShorty, they gave me a call to wish me a happy B-Day. I was so glad they called. I had been meaning to call them for ages. At first I couldn’t find my phone list, but then after I found it I was basically a little scared to call. I hermit when I’m ill and then I never know how to un-hermit. It had been so very very long since I’d seen or even spoke to them, I was certain they would be angry at me (and they would have every right to be) and would throw lemon and lime wedges at me if they saw me.
When I told Miss Giggles that she assured me that they understood and just want to see me. That they all miss me.
I was almost in tears when I hung up. I miss them so much. Yeah. I was all warm and fuzzy after. It’ll be great to see everyone again. And on Halloween will be just perfect :)

* And here are some pictures of my Halloween decorations. Just because…

halloween1  halloween3  halloween2


Birthday card and some leaves from VT. Cool.


Not a decoration.

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