Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pictures of Cuteness and Joy

A bunch of pictures. Be careful. There are a couple with a high cuteness factor.

We’ll start with those.

We have three kittens that have taken up residence on and around our house. There is an orange boy, also known as JJ (He looks just like The Queen’s boy Jasper and is well, Jasper Junior.). And then there are the two calico girls, also known as Squeaker and Limpy.
Squeaker is the most social. She doesn’t run as much as the other two. She has even let us pet her once or twice.

We want to catch them and take them to our No Kill S.P.C.A. so they can get good homes before winter sets in. We are working on a plan.

But for now here is the little furry gang:

01 All three of the gang.


JJ and Squeaker eat as Limpy looks on.


All three take to the food.


Squeaker sits looking very happy.


Squeaker and Limpy are almost twins :)

Aren’t they just adorable?! I can barely stand it!


Today was one busy day. First The Queen and I headed out to the grocery store and restocked our supplies. Then we headed out again with BarbieGirl to the new store around these parts. Ollies.
It’s a discount store that has a bit of everything. It’s pretty big.
One of the main things they have are books. Actually a lot of books.

I did fairly well for myself. I was only going to look, but we know how that can go.

I came away with two computer books. One on HTML and CSS. And one on…yes…Wordpress (I am not switching, but for $7, I figured I’d check it out. I also found a small bag that will fit my netbook. I’ve been looking for one for ages. Most of the bags are far to huge. This is just right. It’ll fit my netbook, the plug, the mouse, a notebook and pen and maybe a small paperback. It rocks serious butt. I then found a bottle of Dove hair product that I was going to get next week. Bought it today. Saved $3. Overall I spent 27 dollars. Just want to say the two books alone would have been 70 bucks.


Ollies will be visited again.

Then we needed food. We decided we needed lots of food. Chinese buffet it was. I overstuffed. As usual. But Damn! It was tasty!
Then I walked over to the Dollar Tree. I had to see if they had any different notebooks from the one nearer us.

They did.

They also had hardly any Halloween stuff.

They were using the shelves to put out Christmas things.
Yes. Really.
I think it’s even earlier than last year.
I figure in a few years they’ll start so early they’ll start in December again.
One day. Yes. One day it will be so.

So anyway. I’m back. I found a couple of little notebooks. They are unlined and pretty decent. 


myollielootAll my loot :)


The two notebooks and yep. A little clipboard. Why? I have no idea. I just liked the picture.

halloweendeckit I did pick up one new Halloween decoration. How could I not?

So there we have it. I’m now so exhausted I can barely move and I enjoyed getting that way today.

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