Monday, September 7, 2009

A Newish Start For The Autumn

I’ve closed down my second blog.
A Girl and her Dialyzer is no more. The actual site hasn’t been deleted yet, but I’m hoping by next week that will be done.


I moved all the posts and comments over to this blog. So everyone is nice and cozy all together.

I also spent an obscene amount of time on the design. It looks simple, but it was a pain in the butt.

I’m damn proud of myself :)

I started with a basic pre-made template. It just added a second sidebar to the minima. I added all the other stuff. I know. I rock like the bitch I am!

I do have one little problem that I just can not get around. I have no idea why it won’t work, but it won’t.

I can not change the sidebar text color so that it is different from the post text color.

I tried the font changer. Nothing. I tried going into the HTML, but it all says it is changed. I expanded the widgets to take a look. It has the hex code that they should be.

Somewhere there is something I’m missing. I just have no idea what.
If anyone wants to take a look at the source code see if they can see what I’m not seeing. Knock yourself out babies! :)

Let me know how you like the new look. 



In other news I had a damn good week at the unit. Excellent nurses. I left with awesome BPs and HRs. And my weight wasn’t the worst either.
I was even home by 11:00 all three days.

I know!

I was shocked and happy all at the same time.

Finally. I’m starting to think about Halloween decorating. Since we moved I no longer have a dining room. At the old place I had all the spooky houses set up in, well, the dining room.

Now I’m at a loss. This shall be my new mental puzzle to drive me insane. And it will. Oh yes. It will.

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