Sunday, September 27, 2009

Maybe It’s The Weather

I’m feeling very blahy tonight. I know it could several things or all contributing to this. This how my  Friday and Saturday have been so far.

Our cousin arrived on Friday.


Then we went and ate. Chinese food.

Total awesome. And yummy to boot.

As usual I overstuffed. But damn. It was so good!

After visiting I headed upstairs to stay awake.


I had to be up at 4AM for that first shift I switched to.

Oh yes. I said 4. AM.
I stay awake because I always have this fear I’ll not wake up to the alarm or phone and just sleep until it’s way to late for me to go.  Then I’m screwed.
I don’t know why. It’s part of that punctuality program The Queen installed at an early age. It’s never been updated.
So anyway, I’m up. I go.

I forget that I’m dealing with new people. A staff that never takes care of me. That doesn’t know what the hell is going on.

So why the fuck do they see the need to go changing things?

If it has to be done I want it done by the people that have been dealing with the problems with me, not a nurse that never saw me before.

(The aside rant post will be posted later today. It will be about me trying not to start screaming in the middle of the unit like some wacko crazy lady that no one listens to anyway.)
I’m done.

I get the hell out.  Quick.

I am home before noon and I really like that part. I get to chill a bit. Not sleep. Just relax.
Once Cindy arrived we headed over to the aviary. The Birds of the Lost Kingdom to be exact.

It really was cool.

There’s the reptile level, the small birds, the nocturnal birds and then the big area. That’s for all the big birds. They were really beautiful. I would love to show you, but my camera batteries died. 
I did however direct Cindy a few times. “Ooo! Take a picture of that! Oh that too!”
Poor woman.

I did get some on my camera. We’ll see what turns out.

It’s a lot like The Butterfly Conservatory in that the birds are flying and walking around. I did get dive bombed by one bird. Good thing I’m agile.  I imagine that would hurt quite a bit more than a butterfly. The Queen definitely enjoyed that part.

After that it was home for tea, chatting and looking at pictures.
She had some amazing pictures of her family and their vacation on the beach. I have no idea where.
I wanted to be on that beach wherever it was.  It looked fabulous.
(UPDATE: It was Ocracoke NC) 

At this point I’d been awake for 30 hours and some sleep was in order.
I slept.

For 4 hours.

While I was asleep, Mr. Gow turned the TV down and turned off all the lights.
When I woke up it was dark, quiet and cold.
And not in a good way.
But in a I felt like I was in a tomb kind of way.
That gave me heepy geepys. I to turn the TV up and a few lights on. I’m hoping after I finish this it will relax me somewhat.

I really wish I had drugs at times like this. But alas. No.

So I’m awake again. Feeling blahy.
I hope it’s just left over sleep deprivation moodiness. Of course it could just be all this cold rain going on.
I want to feel good for tomorrow. We will be hitting the Aquarium and Fatima.

I will be getting lots and lots of batteries before hand.

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