Sunday, September 13, 2009

I Love

Miss Britt did this on her blog here.  At the end she asked what we love about ourselves.
After a day of thinking “ How about a what don’t I like. That would be easier”.
I decided that maybe that was the point. To dig deep and see ourselves in a different, better light. Not the darkness that we may usually see when we think of ourselves. To see something bright and shiny, to remember how great we all are.

Here’s mine. Let’s see what we can dig up.


I love that I can look at both sides of an issue before I make up my mind about how I feel about it.

I love that I can still do that even when it pisses everyone else off.

I love that I can’t wrap my mind around intentional cruelty.

I love that I can watch Canadian Bacon one night and Jules and Jim the next and be able to enjoy and appreciate both.

I love that even though I know it’ll hurt I do what I need to do.

I love that I started a blog and have kept at it and not left it by the wayside to die.

I love that I keep trying to be a better person.

I love that I keep trying even when there is an EPIC FAIL all over my forehead.

I love that I pick awesome people to be in my life. Whether they know it or not. But you should and you are.

I love that I don’t automatically think the worst.

I love that if I woke up in the middle of a reality show, they would devour and spit me out. And I’m thankful for not being like those people.

I love that as I get older I can look back and see why my mom did the things she did and to know it was all for us.

I love that I’m getting older.

I love that I can be creative and technical all in one day.

I love that I still love, miss and have not forgotten after 7 years.

I love that I still wear black head to toe sometimes and don’t care that people think it’s depressing.

I love that I will gladly say that I think Xanadu is fabulous.

I love that there is always a part of me that hopes magic and fairies are real.

I love that I can be all girly and have the man kill the bug.

I love that if there’s no man I can kill the bug myself.

I love that I’m marching forward in the fight against my enemy… HTML.

I love that I know what HTML is.

I love that I still get psyched about Halloween.

I love that I didn’t chicken out and did get my tongue done with my friends.

I love that I’m open to new things. I have lots interests and always find new ones.

I love that I can make almost anyone laugh.

I love that I can laugh. Especially at myself.

I love that I’m the one who can hook up the computer, answering machine, VCR and DVD player. And do all the setting afterwards.

I love that when the mood strikes I can actually cook a real meal.

I love that I hold on to my level of patience, understanding, compassion and forgiveness no matter how many see them as weaknesses.

I love that I’m open to love from and to all the people in my life.


What do you love about yourself?

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