Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Bit of This and A Bit of That 10

Things have been a little on the slow side the last few days.  I have stolen an idea from Avitable. But I’m still working on it. I don’t want it to be all nilly willy with answers. I want to really think about it. I hope to have it done within the next few days as…


* We have company coming! Our cousin is coming up (down?) for a visit. I managed a morning shift for Saturday. Now I can spend time with her and not have to be all “I gotta go.” and not get any Saturday time.
This way I get home around lunchtime. Yay!

*We will be hitting Canada for one of the days. Perhaps the Aviary/restaurant or The Butterfly Conservatory.  Maybe both.  I know we will be taking a trip to Fatima (not in Canada). I love that place. It really is beautiful. Expect pictures of all. And yes. We all have our Enhanced IDs. We so rock.

* I have also been informed that she will be cutting our hair while here. I Freakyanglecutdesperately need this done. The only problem is I never know how I want it cut. After all the meds and years of dialysis I have a very round face. I know I’m  staying away from any cut with sharp angles. That just looks freakish on me. It’ll most likely end up a layered bob. No bangs.

*The Queen has somewhat taken in a new resident. Squeaker managed to get in the other night and decided right away that being on a warm couch and having food and toys was far better than sleeping under the porch and chasing squirrels in the rain. The Queen put her back outside later that night, but then squeaker let her in again today. Or yesterday, depending on when this is actually posted. 
She thinks she will take her to the SPCA with the others. Little does she know that right now they are not taking non-vaccinated cats due to illness.
Hopefully they will start again before winter.

* Finally hooked up the new printer The Queen bought for me at Christmas. Christmas 2008. To be honest, I really didn’t think we’d be here this long so I saw no point it hooking up something that I would just have to unhook again. It’s up and running now.

*First though I hooked up BarbieGirl’s printer. (For her: The wizard does not work on mine either. I had to use the Irfanview to print. We’ll talk.) And router. It was all good. I was out of the house. I was able to hit Office Max. I was fed cake. What’s not good about that?

* I bought business card paper this week and managed to figure out how to print up my own.  I just wanted to have some so I don’t have to keep telling people the blog address. The Avery Clean Edge ones work great. You just pop them out. No cutting, no perforated edges that leave those little bumps.  I recommend it.businesscard1 Also, I used their DesignPro program. Took a little doing but I did figure it out.

If anyone would like one , send an email with your address I will mail one out to you.


* And for those that care about such things, I’ve finally remembered to change my Yahoo signature . The link is now current. Yes. Yes I do think I took long enough to do it. Thank you.

* Sunday was The Queen’s and BarbieGirl’s roommate's son’s Birthdays. Hence the cake. The Queen wanted a quiet day so I let her be for a little while. But I brought her cake later in the day. Needless to say she opened the door for that. Earlier in the week her birthday present came in. I splurged on some craft items that we had been thinking about trying out. They were the Goodie Bags from ARTCHIX. They have the neatest stuff. Decoupage, transparencies, stickers, charms. We looked at everything for an hour. Seriously cool.
She was a very happy birthday girl. Next week we’ll do lunch.
D was a happy camper. He got a router and printer. LoL!

Here’s another Happy Birthday wish for both D and The Queen!


I think that’s enough for now. I’m sure I’ll think of more later. 

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