Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Aside Rant Post That Goes With The Post From The Other Day

(Dialysis rant. If I don’t do it here The Queen will have to hear about it again until I get it out somewhere else. And I just don’t have the heart to do that to her. Feel free to skip.)


A few tips for taking care of a new patient. Or more importantly, ME!

First, when I ask if the sodium is on please don’t reply with “I did it. I have been doing this 20 years.”

Well. I did it for 18 and just last week a nurse forgot until I reminded her. So you know what? Fuck you.

Second, when I say my pressure will drop within the first half hour and I can have sodium concentrate and Mannitol, please don’t go ‘humph’ and then proceeded to fluid me up with saline when my pressure does in fact drop in the first half hour.

Third, if you are going to have the doctor increase my dry weight definitely come over and tell me. Please don’t just do these things and tell me after. 
I will let you know that I don’t get to my dry weight because my pressure drops so soon into the treatment.

It just doesn’t matter what amount of fluid we go for. The dialyzer is too big.
I’m 4 foot and some change. I weight 70 something pounds. My dialyzer could suck the crack out of a 200 pound hooker.
Yes. My BP and heart rate will be going wonky on that dialyzer.

Why is this that hard a concept to grasp?

So now I have a bad feeling that with the dry weight increased we will go for less and when the inevitable happens I will then be leaving at 34.5 instead of 33.5. And then they will want to increase my dry weight again and then I will leave heavy. We will keep doing this dance until I end up in the hospital again and it will be all my fault because I didn’t get the angiogram done when he told me. Despite the fact that I’ve told him I’m not comfortable doing it.  (Wow. That’s a separate rant.)


I don’t know why I’m stressed.

I know how it all sounds. Like I know more than the staff. But I really do respect the staff.  They work hard, they deal with some very difficult situations, and they are usually shorthanded.
I understand they are busy and may not have time for some weird problem that requires too much time, energy and most importantly money to fix.
I know it’s sometimes easier to go with the problem you are familiar with. You know the solution. It’s a safe bet. Nine times out of ten it’s the answer.

Unfortunately I believe this is that one time it’s not.

I will give it a chance today. I will see how it goes.

I can not promise to hold back the snippy sarcasm if things still go wacky.


Earlier today the social worker called. There may be a spot in the falls for me soon!
I think that trip to Fatima was a darn good idea!


I will work on those pictures and all the others I took :)
It was a really awesome weekend!

That’s why my tone eased up on the last half of this.

I’m so not a grudge girl.

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  1. I had SUCH an AWESOME time this past weekend! I'm all ready looking forward to my next visit with you and the "Queen" (nice title). I picked up a thumb drive yesterday, so my pictures will be headed your way soon. Miss you both more than you can imagine. This Cinderella is sending lots of love your way.

    P.S. Your rant was certainly justified!


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