Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pictures O’ Plenty

I’ve been taking pictures at the various events The Queen and I have been going to.

It’s a shame I didn’t take a lot at any one event. But I have enough for a picture post.

How thrilled are you?! I know! You can’t wait for more flower pictures!
It’s okay. You shall not be disappointed my friends. Oh no. Not this time.

These were taken at a little art festival we attended. It was sponsored by the NACC.  A place for artists of all types to do their thing.

I didn’t take pictures of the actual art. I didn’t think it was allowed and was not about to take the chance. I did grab some of the gardens (of course) and a couple of the chalk drawings. There’s also one of the man doing his Ti Chi demo. He’s thinking of having classes at the NACC. I hope he does. That would be something fun that’s close to home :)












The next set is from the Italian Festival and the International Festival. Though less International than I had hoped, a good time was had.

For the Italian fest we had the company of Miss Helpful and her boy and Mr. and Mrs. VT. We ate till to stuffed to walk. I would have taken food pics, but as usual, by the time I thought of it, the food was gone. Some day I’ll remember beforehand.  For the International fest we went with Mr. and Mrs. H. The Queen and I had a great time visiting. With food, beer and ice cream, friends, how do you not have a good time?
I also have to say we are still in love with their little house. We keep talking about the layout and size of it and how perfect something like that would be. Ahh. Maybe in the spring.

Anyway, on to more pictures.





A fridge magnet picked up at the Italian fest. It’s so us. And by us I mean him.





The Greek pasta salad I made and will be making again. Soon.
Tri-colored pasta with sliced olives, chopped bell peppers (red, orange and yellow)scallions, a dash of lemon juice, baby spinach, feta and Greek salad dressing.  Yummy!


My Fluff Ball was napping and took control of the remote. No. I did not put it there. He just wanted to watch Animal Planet.

So that’s most of what’s been happening. hopefully there will be a few more events before summer is done with. I will try to take more pictures :)

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