Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Bit of This and A Bit of That 9

Another one? So soon? Yeah. It’s been a slow few days. But there are a couple things floating around my head and I thought I’d share them.
They mostly involve blog design so feel free to chime in with yays and nays for those. And no. I’m still not switching to Wordpress.

* Hmmm. My second blog. It made sense when I was in and out of the hospital every other week. When there was a ton of stuff going on and it looked as if there was no end to it. But now? I’m posting very rarely. I’m thinking of closing it down and moving those posts to my main blog. It was probably a naive thought to try and separate the two in the first place. I’m thinking they should all be brought together as one. Like they are in life.

*  I’ve also been thinking that my blog title may be a bit on the long side. I do like it so I don’t want to go with something completely different. I have something in mind already. I also think I can change the blog URL if it’s available.

* Last bloggy thought. It’s almost autumn. And anyone who knows me knows I like to switch things up for the seasons. With that I’m thinking it may be time to do just that :) I did find a sweet pre-made design with fall like colors. 

* And speaking of autumn. I went ahead and ordered up a couple of simple cardigans for the season. A navy and a red. Still on the lookout for dark green and chocolate colored ones. Fingers crossed!
Yeah I know people think they are goofy and for old folks, but I really like my sweaters. I’m always cold from dialysis and they are just right for me.

*With The Vampire Diaries starting son I started wondering why 100 or older vampires are hanging out, not around, but in high school. I know people will be all “Well Angel..” No. He wasn’t hanging out in high school. He was just hanging around. He also wasn’t cruising for 16 year-old girls. He was there to help one girl. The Slayer. She actually had a purpose to the story.
vampire-picture-hot Twilight, The Vampire Diaries. Does no one else think “Damn! You couldn’t get that diploma yet? Just get the GED and move on already. How much dodge ball and cafeteria meatloaf can one living dead creature stand?” Shouldn’t they at least be hanging around the collages? Wouldn’t it be easier to blend? That’s one of the reasons I like Being Human. He has a job darn it!

* And speaking of Halloween. It doesn’t look like I’ll be able to maneuver around my dialysis times to go to Florida. I’d have to try and change not only times but the days as well. And no one wants to change days. Not a happy camper about that. Not at all. However. The Queen and I have been talking about museums in New York. So there just may be a small, itsy bitsy, teeny tiny chance of getting  to BlogHer.

* Today Mr. Gow found the phone number list!!! Yahoo!!! I will be calling folks in a day or two. I want to give them a chance to leave an email or message saying “Drop dead bitch! Don’t ever speak to me again!” or “Kathy who? Do I know Kathy? Nope don’t think so. Oh and drop dead bitch.” Yep. Those two will probably hinder me from calling.

* LeSombre left a nice comment the other day. He said he should gather up all his saved bullets for a post. I just wanted to say, yes! I think that would be fun to read. Especially if any were time specific. It’d be like guess the post this bullet belongs to. He could make a game of it :) Also, I’m happy someone likes the way I roll :)

thumbs up

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