Sunday, August 23, 2009

And We Come to the Lull

There hasn’t been much going on. Again. We seem to have come to our lull. Our plateau if you will.

We have just come to expect weird heart and blood pressures. We get what fluid we can off.

It doesn’t look like we will be getting the 15s that I like. Just have to deal with the 18s.

I’ve come to expect 2-4 needle sticks each treatment. That one side is tricky.

For the last few treatments all has been going as, well, expected.
The only other problems have more to do with time.

On Tuesday the cab driver became lost on the way to Buffalo. An hour and a half lost.


I want to know where they were lost from. Albany?


Then on Saturday we were stuck in traffic.


I arrived at the hospital at 3:55.

Then I waited. And waited. And waited.

Finally. I was called in at 5:40.
I was finally on the machine at 6:50.

I should have been getting ready to come off by that time.
But no. Just getting started.

(I have to state that I do understand they were shorthanded, training new people and my nurse, though very nice and sweet, is insanely slow. )

Then the system clotted and the needle moved.
The needle was sucking air and had to be repositioned. Not replaced. Thank Goodness!

So with the new setup up were once again on our way. Only now I didn’t come off until 11:00. PM.

It was only because my pressure dropped really low that I decided to come off early. Not a lot early just 20 minutes.

I couldn’t manage to get home on Saturday. It was 12:30. AM. Sunday.

It’s been that sort of one little thing after another little thing that keeps things from moving smoothly.

It seems to be the best I can hope for at this point. Maybe next week the time thing will balance itself out.

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