Thursday, July 2, 2009

Watch As The Garden Grows

The last few days have been pretty mellow. Despite the whole doctor fiascos.
The Queen and I headed to the library and grocery store yesterday. Picked up chips and dip for Friday.

Yes. Friday! Casino fireworks are on Friday night. I image at the usual 9:30- 10:00Pm time.
I’ll have to check.

So anyone looking to watch is welcome.

And those that we know are welcome to chips and dip. Maybe even a beer as well :)

I am hoping I can get out for a few hours on Friday night. the unit is closed for the holiday, so I get to on Sunday.
Which means I could go out on Friday. For a little bit.
Fingers crossed!!!

As I said there’s not much going on this week.

I grabbed some pictures of the flowers growing amuck.
Enjoy the summer’s pretty colors.










A belated Canada Day to all my Canadians!!! You know who you are :)

A happy 4th to everyone here!!!

Be safe and have a great weekend :)

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